Call for Articles: Pitch Your New Capability Idea Topic Week

Submissions Due: May 23, 2023
Topic Week Dates: June 5-9, 2023
Article Length: 1,500-3,000 words
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By Dmitry Filipoff 

The demand for innovation and novel capability has grown with the accelerating pace of technological change and the deteriorating threat environment. As military capability proliferates and becomes ever more lethal, actors are intensifying their search for new capability that could provide a decisive edge. From increased firepower to enhanced non-kinetic defenses, to cunning deception measures and perceptive command and control, new capabilities can threaten to upend and surpass a wide variety of legacy systems.

What is your novel warfighting capability idea? Whether a new platform, a cutting-edge weapon, or something entirely original, CIMSEC wants your ideas for what could be the force-multiplying and game-changing capabilities of future forces.

The way a capability functions technically is only a point of departure for how it may function tactically. Capabilities need associated concepts of operation to make good on their promise and potential. Authors are encouraged to explore how their capabilities can be practically applied in operational warfighting contexts, and consider what sort of countermeasures they may stimulate from adaptive adversaries.

The scope of opportunity and disruption has never been greater. Send all submissions to

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact him at

Featured Image: Art generated with Midjourney AI.

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