April Analysis Week

DDG Flights of Fancy
                                                                                DDG Flights of Fancy


The votes are in and the topic for our April Analysis Week will be “Alternatives to the DDG Flight III” (full results below). Please help make this week a success and consider jotting down and submitting a few thoughts on the possibilities – in this case for the U.S. Navy – whether it be alternative platforms, technologies, organizations, tactical concepts, or something else entirely. If you’re interested in submitting or have any questions, please email me at director@cimsec.org.

The week will kick off April 29th. 
Alternatives to the Flight DDG III:                                                          25%
Lack of an amphibious navy and IR policy implications:             19%
What would a drone-carrier look like:                                                 19%      
Shaking up a Navy’s personnel system:                                                14%
Replacing the function/role of a carrier with a system of tech: 7%
What are the navy’s core capabilities:                                                   7%
Russia:                                                                                                                  7%
Directed energy weapons – second-order effects:                           4%
Cyber security:                                                                                                 0%

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