Announcing Project Trident: The Future of International Maritime Security

By Jimmy Drennan

Are you interested in shaping the future of international maritime security? This Spring, CIMSEC will give you that opportunity with Project Trident – a year-long collaboration with influential partners in the maritime community.

Project Trident will feature seven broad topics, each presented by a partner organization in the form of a call for articles, to address multiple perspectives on maritime security. We want to hear your voices: international, disruptive, and seasoned; from academia, industry, government, and military. Topics will range from Emerging Technologies, to Infrastructure and Trade, and even a Fiction Contest! See our partners and topics below. 

Future Trends and Themes

Maritime Infrastructure and Trade – Maersk Line, Limited

Maritime Security in Fiction – U.S. Naval Institute

Maritime Cybersecurity – Cyber Nation Central

Emerging Technologies – (Partnership pending)

Regional Perspectives

Regional Maritime Security Strategies –Yokosuka Council for Asia Pacific Studies

Strategic Chokepoints and Littorals – The Brute Krulak Center at Marine Corps University

Ocean Governance – Stable Seas

Stay tuned for the first call for articles on Chokepoints and Littorals presented by Marine Corps University’s Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity. The future of international maritime security begins this Spring…with YOU! 

Jimmy Drennan is the President of CIMSEC. Contact him at

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