A Holiday Message from CIMSEC

By President Christopher Stockdale-Garbutt

Dear CIMSEC audience members,

On behalf of the Center for International Maritime Security, I would like to wish you all a very happy festive season and to thank you for being a member of the CIMSEC community and for your support and contributions this past year. 2022 has witnessed many international maritime security developments and challenges and we hope that you have enjoyed listening to our podcasts and reading our many articles analyzing these events and many other issues.

The team and myself are looking forward to what 2023 will bring as we continue to expand and develop the group. We have lots of exciting projects and developments on the horizon and will continue to engage with professionals, academics, and forward thinkers through our articles, forums, events, podcasts, and other platforms and content.

I would like to close with a personal message of thanks to all our volunteers and officers that willingly give up their time to help make CIMSEC such a great organization. It has been an honor to serve as President this year and I look forward to continuing to lead the group throughout 2023!

Once again we wish you and your families Happy Holidays!

Best Wishes,

Christopher J. Stockdale-Garbutt

President of the Center for International Maritime Security

Featured Image: Port de Grave Boat Lighting festival for Newfoundlanders to celebrate their Christmas. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

One thought on “A Holiday Message from CIMSEC”

  1. Thanks to CIMSEC for providing a great forum for a variety of ideas, and a very proactive editorial staff who is skilled at “rock polishing”!

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