Sea Control 399- The Need to Hedge for Taiwan’s Security with Trevor Phillips-Levine and Collin Fox

By Walker Mills

US Navy officers Trevor Phillips-Levine and Collin Fox join the program to talk about their recent article “Hedging With Humility” in War on the Rocks that discussed the feasibility of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

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1. “Hedging with Humility: Reassessing China’s Power Projection Capabilities Against Taiwan,” by Collin Fox, Trevor Phillips-Levine, and Kyle Cregge, War on the Rocks, September 1, 2022.
2. “Amateur Hour Part I: The Chinese Invasion of Taiwan,” by Mike Pietrucha, War on the Rocks, May 18, 2022.
3. Sea Control 288: Chinese Civilian Shipping and the Threat to Taiwan With Tom Shugart, by Walker Mills, CIMSEC, October 28, 2021.
4. “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2021,” US Department of Defense.
5. “Civilian Shipping: ferrying the People’s Liberation Army Ashore,” by Michael Dahm and Connor M. Kennedy, CIMSEC, September 9, 2021.
6. “The Porcupine in No Man’s Sea: Arming Taiwan for Sea Denial,” by Collin Fox, CIMSEC, August 4, 2021.

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This episode was edited and produced by David Suchyta.

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