Sea Control 452 – The Ocean and Us with Farah Obaidullah and Rebecca Hubbard

By Nathan Miller

Farah Obaidullah and Rebecca Hubbard join the program to discuss overfishing and their edited volume: The Ocean and Us.

Farah Obaidullah is a long time ocean advocate, consultant and the Founder of the non-profit Women4Oceans; a non-profit focused on “securing healthy oceans for the sake of human survival and human-wellbeing.” Obaidullah has worked on non-profit campaigns to address IUU fishing, labor abuse and slavery at sea.

Rebecca Hubbard is the Director of High Seas Alliance; a non-profit working toward the establishment of high seas protection areas and stronger high seas governance. Hubbard has been working for over 17 years on various environmental campaigns.

Download Sea Control 452 – The Ocean and Us with Farah Obaidullah and Rebecca Hubbard


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3. Sea Control 225 – IUU Fishing and the Evolution of Sea Shepherd with Dr. Claude Berube, by Walker Mills, CIMSEC, January 31, 2021.
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5. Farah Obaidullah’s Twitter.

6. Rebecca Hubbard’s Twitter.

Nathan Miller hosted and produced this episode. Contact the Sea Control team at

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