Sea Control 211 – Bursting A2/AD Bubbles with Robert Dalsjö and Michael Jonsson

By Jared Samuelson

Ever look at a map depicting Russian capabilities and see a never-ending expanse of range rings that seem prohibitive to “friendly” maneuver? In 2019, Robert Dalsjö, Christofer Berglund, Michael Jonsson published their study Bursting the Bubble? Russian A2/AD in the Baltic Sea Region explaining why those range rings are misleading and why. They quickly followed up with a 2020 compilation from several authors expanding on their work. In this episode, Dalsjö and Jonsson join Sea Control to discuss the genesis of their work, the response, and more!

Download Sea Control 211 – Bursting Bubbles with Robert Dalsjö & Michael Jonsson


1. Bursting the Bubble? Russian A2/AD in the Baltic Sea Region, Robert Dalsjö, Christofer Berglund, Michael Jonsson, FOI, March 2019.

2. Beyond Bursting Bubbles: Understanding the Full Spectrum of the Russian A2/AD Threat and Identifying Strategies for Counteraction, Robert Dalsjö, and Michael Jonsson (editors), FOI, June 2020.

Jared Samuelson is the Executive Producer and co-host of the Sea Control Podcast. Contact him at

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