We need your help determining what authors and issues will be highlighted at CFAR 2019!  The authors of the top vote-getting articles will be invited to speak at the July 16th event on the article topic, so consider what you’d like an update on or what author you’d like to press with questions.  All CIMSEC members are eligible to vote at the bottom of the page for:

  • Up to 5 nominees in the CIMSEC category; and,
  • Up to 2 nominees in the CNA category

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CNA Category Nominees

The Case for Maritime Security in an Era of Great Power Competition – Joshua Tallis

Nuclear Arms Control without a Treaty? Risks and Options After NEW START – Vince Manzo

CIMSEC Category Nominees

Sea Control at the Tactical Level of War – Adam Humayun

The Nanxun Jiao Crisis and the Dawn of Autonomous Undersea Conflict – David Strachan

Chinese Shipbuilding and Seapower: Full Steam Ahead, Destination Uncharted – Andrew Erickson

Then What? Wargaming the Interface Between Strategy and Operations – Barney Rubel

Operationalizing Distributed Maritime Operations – Kevin Eyer and Steve McJessy

Don’t Forget Our Allies! Interoperable Maritime Operations in a Combined Environment – Jason Lancaster

How the Fleet Forgot to Fight – Dmitry Filipoff

The Deep Ocean: Seabed Warfare and the Defense of Undersea Infrastructure – Bill Glenney

Cost and Survivability: Acquiring the Gator Navy – LCDR Ryan Hilger, USN

Why Turkish F-35s are a Threat to the United States and NATO – Duncan Kellogg

What do you call it? The Politics and Practicalities of Warship Classification – CAPT James P. McGrath, III, USN

The Navy’s Newest Nemesis: Hypersonic Weapons – Jon Isaac

Chinese Evaluations of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force – Gabriel Collins, Andrew Erickson, Lyle Goldstein, and William Murray


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