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Series of the East Atlantic Sea Control podcast focusing on the Falklands War (April-June 1982).

Sea Control 101 – Falklands 10 – 21 Days to take a Squadron to War

If you wish to know how to raise a modern combat squadron from nothing to combat ready in 21 Days you need look know further, Cdr Tim Gedge RN accomplished in 1982 when he raised a 809 squadron not once, but twice!
The first time was during the Falklands War itself, and the second time was afterwards to enable the relief of Invincible; the RN could not have found a better, more experience leader for the task – before 1982 he had already bought the first Sea Harrier squadron, 801, into service… and in a career that included flying four different jet types (including the ethereally stunning Sea Vixens) as well as extensive work as an Air Warfare Instructor – or Top Gun in US speak.
Cdr Gedge of course took his squadron to war on the Atlantic Conveyor, before splitting it and flying from both HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible; enough to give a unique perspective on the course of the conflict in any book. However, for the last days of the war rather than command his squadron, he was sent ashore to support and co-ordinate the crucial air support required to allow the land forces to achieve their necessary victories to end the campaign.
This though is all just a taster of what is explained so eloquently in his own words, I hope you the listeners enjoy this podcast and find it useful; it was as ever a sincere pleasure to record – and please look out for more of the series to follow.
P.S. if anyone knows any Commonwealth or American Korean War veterans who might be interested in taking part in a podcast series on that war, please do get in touch.
Music: Sam LaGrone
Production: Alex Clarke

Sea Control 97 – Falklands w/ Sharkey Ward

seacontrol2This is the second in Batch 2 of the Falklands War Series, and normally an introduction is required, but this podcast is special, the person taking part is like the most famous of celebrities – is often known by simple a single name. This podcast is with ‘Sharkey’, more properly known as Cdr Nigel Ward, aka ‘Mr Harrier’, in the Falklands War squadron commander of 801 sqn, operating from HMS Invincible. It was a sincere pleasure to record, and I really do hope, despite being long will be a true pleasure and of great use to listen to. ps. this is also the first I, Alex Clarke, have edited entirely – so if there are any problems, blame Matt Hipple who didn’t instruct me on how to do it – no seriously, it’s all on me, so please send me your feedback.

DOWNLOAD: Sharkey Ward

Sea Control 91 – Falklands War 8 Air Engineering Challenges

seacontrol2Commander Steve George was the Deputy Aircraft Engineering Officer 820sqn RNAS, Sea King squadron on HMS Invincible in the Falklands War. He provides a strong overview of the engineering challenges posed to aviation in the 1982 Falklands War.
He has had a long career since, and included work on the F-35.

Sea Control 87B – Falklands Series 7: Amphibious Panel

PART 2 of 2
seacontrol2The podcast that inspired the Falklands Series – and a dream I didn’t think would actually become a reality. The idea was to get the Amphibious Task Group Commander, Captain Michael Clapp (he was a Commodore in 1982, when the rank in the RN wasn’t substantive, so retired a Captain); the Brigade Commander 3rd Commando Brigade, Major General Julian Thompson (a Brigadier in 1982); and the Amphibious Task Group’s Chief of Staff & Flag Captain, Rear Admiral Jeremy Larken (Captain of HMS Fearless in 1982). This is the command group of the amphibious forces in the Falklands, the men who lead the Royal Marines and Royal Navy into San Carlos and who made the decisions which would ultimately lead to victory. I can honestly say this was a sincere pleasure to make, and it is my hope that this podcast will prove of interest and use to those interested in history, defence and strategy…. and hold on to your hats – Batch II will be coming soon!

DOWNLOAD: 2 Falklands Amphibious Panel