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Sea Control 16 – More with CAPT Moore (1)

CseacontrolemblemAPT Dan Moore, USN Ret, joins us for the first of his monthly series on naval leadership, “More with CAPT¬†Moore.” In today’s episode, we discuss the education of 21st-century naval leaders by discussing examples from the present and past, such as GEN Mattis, LT Sims, and ADM Nelson. Some of the set-up and helpful readings are found in an earlier introduction article. Enjoy our newest episode of Sea Control, “More with CAPT Moore” (Download).

Education of the 21st Century Naval Commander: More with CAPT Moore

seacontrolemblemWe’re looking for YOUR questions and input!

CAPT Moore (USN Ret), CEO of Small Unit Aviation LLC, is joining us for a regular installments on Sea Control based on his “Breakout Naval Leadership” talk at the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum. We’re calling it “More with CAPT Moore”.

His talks will first center around the foundations, content, and process of decision-making. Our first installment will be “The Training and Education of the 21st Century Naval Commander.”

The podcast will start with an opening definition on methods of internal control: operational and tactical.

It will be followed by a discussion on leadership traits of successful mission commanders. CAPT Moore initially suggested the examples of Nelson, the Battle of Jutland, LT Sims, and Gen Mattis but is open to more suggestions and questions from online

We will close out by considering integrity, trust, appreciation, and Leadership.

CAPT Daniel Moore, USN (Ret) spent 29 Years Active Duty as a naval aviator, including VFA squadron command. He has spent 7 years in the aerospace industry. He holds a BA in History from Northwestern University and is a former Professor of Naval Science.

CAPT Moore has kindly provided a list of readings that have informed his perspective on this topic. As we’re always looking for new reading at CIMSEC:
Naval Doctrine Publication 6 — Naval Command and Control
Andrew Gordon’s The Rules of the Game
John R. Boyd’s Organic Design for Command & Control
George Gilder’s Knowledge and Power

Send us your comments and ideas for this podcast! We’ll go through questions sent to and those posted in the comment section below.

Sea Control 15 – Auld Lang Syne

seacontrolnewyearThe global system doesn’t stop just because we’re all staying up late to drink Champagne… which means Sea Control doesn’t stop either. Matt and Scott discuss the last and next year of CIMSEC in this New Year’s mini-edition of Sea Control. Yeah, 30 minutes isn’t really “mini”, but we do it up big here at CIMSEC. Download last week’s fantastic episode and this week’s for your trip back home! Enjoy our 15th episode of Sea Control, Auld Lang Syn (download)!

Sea Control 14 – My Other CAR is a Mali

seacontrolemblemMatt Hipple is joined by Zack Elkaim and James Bridger to talk about rebellions in Africa: the Central African Republic, Mali, and Nigeria, as well as the future prospects for Somalia. Today’s podcast is one of our best, and we highly encourage you to give it a listen.¬† Enjoy our latest podcast, Episode 14, My Other CAR is a Mali (download).

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