Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – The Thought Provoker?

By Alex Clarke

The Bilge Pumps Crew Does NavyCon 2020 Online

The Bilge Pumps is probably best described as a laid-back meandering chat on modern naval matters with a historical perspective. It strives to unravel the context and complex detail behind headline events through interviews with those in the know, and wild speculation from those who don’t! In this circumstance therefore we are proud to admit that we are the ever so slightly zany weekly podcast brought to you by the wonderful people of CIMSEC, and three drips who should know better than to spout ship! Sign up to see for NavyCon 2020 today.

This time though, the drips are taking their passions of science fiction, naval history, and current affairs and using it all to take a voyage into the future. Come along and see if it unravels along the way!

So here it is, using the medium of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock and the Battlestar universe, The Bilge Pumps crew explore AI, robot boarding parties, digital versus analogue, flak, EMPs, and lasers.

Part 1: AI, Robot Boarding Parties & the delicacy of digital

Part 2: Flak, EMPs, and Lasers

Alex Clarke is the host of The Bilge Pumps podcast. Contact the podcast team at

Featured Image: Battlestar Galactica Shipyards Book illustration for Eaglemoss by James Hibbert, NBC/Universal (via Artstation)

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