A Hearty Thanks to Our Kickstarter Supporters

ThankYouThis week we concluded our campaign on Kickstarter and we could not be happier, having successfully met our goal and then some. So we want to take a brief pause from writing about drones, pirates, and tanker traffic and thank our readers, our contributors, our promoters, and especially our backers.

Several months ago when we designed this campaign, we were unsure if we would raise enough funds to cover our minimal expenses and legal fees allowing us to file for non-profit status. Yet, within 12 hours of launching, you helped us reach our Kickstarter goal for a campaign set to last nearly a month. In total, over 40 backers helped us raise more than $3000 through Kickstarter and other methods. With this amount, the CIMSEC leadership team is excited to further grow and improve the organization.

With the average donation amounting to $70, this fundraising campaign exemplifies your commitment and passion to CIMSEC’s mission, and there is no way to price the encouragement this level of support and enthusiastic response has given us. Simply put, you are awesome and we aspire to make you proud.

For those who donated, within the next few weeks you will receive a receipt from us in addition to further information regarding the rewards that you selected. Additionally, we are proud to announce that all contributors to this campaign will receive an advanced copy of CIMSEC’s first published compendium, Forgotten Naval Strategists, in recognition of your efforts. If you have any questions regarding the rewards or your contribution, do not hesitate to reach out to me at treasurer@cimsec.org.

Again, on behalf of the CIMSEC leadership team, thank you for your support.


Bret Perry, Treasurer

Scott Cheney-Peters, President & Founder

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