Announcements and Updates
CIMSEC’s “Pentagon Wars” Screening with Jamie Malanowski by Scott Cheney-Peters
Stoke the Boiler with a Monthly CIMSEC Donation! by Matthew Hipple
Call for Articles: Future of Naval Aviation Week, Sep 14-18 by Matthew Hipple
Chinese Military Strategy Week: The Conclusion by Dmitry Filipoff

Chinese Military Strategy Topic Week
The Influence of Han Feizi on China’s Defence Policy by Paul Pryce
From Expediency to the Strategic Chinese Dream? by Sherman Xiaogang Lai
Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit: U.S. and Chinese Strategic Views by Daniel M. Hartnett
Bear, Dragon & Eagle: Russian, Chinese & U.S. Military Strategies by Chad M. Pillai
Avoiding Conditions for an Asia-Pacific Cold War by Jack McKechnie
Reviewing Charles Glasers’ “China-U.S. Grand Bargain” by Peter Marino
Beyond the Security Dilemma? De-Escalating Tension in the South China Sea by Jan Stockbruegger
A Grain of Contextual Salt in the Chinese Military Strategy by Ching Chang
Deep Accommodation: The Best Option for Preventing War in the Taiwan Strait by Eric Gomez
Assessing China’s Nuclear Ambitions by Debalina Ghoshal
The Unnamed Protagonist in China’s Maritime Objectives by Amanda Conklin
A Pacific Rebalance with Chinese Characteristics by Justin Chock
Becoming a Maritime Power? – The First Chinese base in the Indian Ocean by Xunchao Zhang

Sea Control 88 – Modi and China with Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 89 – ONR Autonomous Swarm Boats with Matthew Hipple
Sea Control 90 – An Australian Marine Corps? by Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 91 – Falklands War 8 Air Engineering Challenges with Alex Clarke
Sea Control 92 – Autonomy with Matthew Hipple

On Books: An Interview with VADM James P. “Phil” Wisecup, USN(ret) by Christopher Nelson

Members’ Roundup
July Members’ Round-Up by David Roush

Naval Affairs
Where is the U.S. Navy Going To Put Them All? (Part Three) by Jan Musil
Return of the Clandestine Merchant Raider? by Chuck Hill
Is There a Class of Armored Cruisers in the U.S. Navy’s Future? (Part Four) by Jan Musil
Piracy 2.0 : The Net-Centric Evolution by Brian Evans
Surviving the Fabled Thousand Missile Strike (Part Five) by Jan Musil
Changing EEZs by Chuck Hill

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Enter the SCAGTF: Combined Distributed Maritime Ops by Nicolas di Leonardo

‘Sea-based’ PLA Navy may not need ‘String of Pearls’ by Captain Gurpreet S. Khurana, PhD
Let’s Change the Name of the South China Sea by John T. Kuehn
Australia World’s Largest LNG exporter by 2018: Understanding Maritime Security Challenges by Mohid Iftikhar

Western Hemisphere
U.S. SOUTHCOM vs. Caribbean Narco-Pirates by W. Alejandro Sanchez

General/Misc National Security
Operating in an Era of Persistent Unmanned Aerial Surveillance by William Selby
The Language of Terror by Joshua Tallis

Featured Image: Republic of Singapore frigate Steadfast (FFS 70) steams off the coast of Hawaii during Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2008 (Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Kirk WorleyU.S. Navy).

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