April Analysis Week

DDG Flights of Fancy
DDG Flights of Fancy


The topic for our April Analysis Week 2013 was “Alternatives to the DDG Flight III”.

We asked contributors to consider jotting down and submitting a few thoughts on the possibilities – in this case for the U.S. Navy – whether it be alternative platforms, technologies, organizations, tactical concepts, or something else entirely. Kick off April 29th, we received the following submissions for your perusing pleasure:

Scott Cheney-Peters: Overview: Whither the Flight III DDG 

Nic di Leonardo: The Capability Cost of a U.S. Sea Shield

Armando J. Heredia: The View from the Cheap Seats: Alternatives to DDG-51 Flight III

Prezemek Krajewski: Flight III – A Piece of the Surface Combatant Puzzle

Patrick Kiefer, Sebastian Bruns, H. Vic Allen: Wrapping Up Alternatives to Flight III DDG

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.