Sea Control 512 – Europe’s Marines with Dr. Sidharth Kaushal

By Walker Mills

Dr. Sidharth Kaushal rejoins the Sea Control Podcast to talk about amphibious forces in Europe and how they can overcome downsizing navies and A2/AD threats to enhance conventional deterrence in the Baltic and Scandinavia. Dr. Kaushal also discusses how the traditional “Northern Flank” role of the US Marine Corps in the region may change, and what we can learn from watching the employment of Russia’s amphibious forces in Ukraine. Dr. Sidharth Kaushal is Senior Research Fellow, Sea Power, at RUSI. 

*Note: Since the recording of this podcast Sweden has become a NATO member.

Download Sea Control 512 – Europe’s Marines with Dr. Sidharth Kaushal


1. “Europe’s Marines in the Future European Littoral Operating Environment,” by Sidharth Kaushal, War on the Rocks, February 5, 2024. 

2. “Amphibious Futures: The Royal Marines in Contested New Operating Environments,” by Sidharth Kaushal and Mark Totten, RUSI, January 9, 2024. 

3. Sea Control 423: The First Unmanned Raid on Sevastopol with Dr. Sidharth Kaushal, CIMSEC, March 30, 2023. 

Walker Mills is Co-Host of the Sea Control podcast. Contact the podcast team at

This episode was edited and produced by Addison Pellerano.

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