Sea Control 208 – At Close Range with James Brun

By Jared Samuelson

It’s a big week! Fresh off being named to the Commandant’s Reading List, Sea Control welcomes Canadian writer and naval officer James Brun to the program to discuss the legendary duel between HMCS Assiniboine and U-210.

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1. “At Close Range – Inside the Deadly Firefight Between HMCS Assiniboine and U-210,” by James Brun, August 7, 2020,
2. “The Flower-Class Corvette – 9 Facts About the Tiny Warship That Played a Huge Role in WW2,” by James Brun, August 17, 2020,
3.”The Sinking of the ‘Faa di Bruno’ – Inside Italy’s Submarine War in the North Atlantic,” by James Brun, September 23, 2020,
4.”The Storming of U-94 – How Two Allied Sailors Took on the Crew of a U-boat in the Caribbean,” by James Brun, October 14, 2020,

Jared Samuelson is the Senior Producer of the Sea Control Podcast. Contact him at

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