Sea Control 203 – A Near Miss with Lt j.g. (ret) Ken Sanger

By Jared Samuelson

On the anniversary of the Japanese surrender, New York Times journalist David Sanger shared the story of his father, Ken, who narrowly avoided shooting down the Japanese delegation. Ken was gracious enough to share the story with Sea Control, as well as to tell the story of “his war,” including fighter direction in the Second World War, what it was like to experience kamikaze attacks, and pulling into Nagasaki just weeks after its bombing. Hang out for the end to hear Ken ask some questions about modern air defense!

Download Sea Control 203 – A Near Miss with Lt j.g. (ret) Ken Sanger


1. “A story about the Japanese surrender aboard the Missouri, 75 years ago today, as relayed by my Dad, Lt. (Jg) Kenneth Sanger…” by David Sanger, Twitter, September 2, 2020. 

Jared Samuelson is the Senior Producer of the Sea Control Podcast. Contact him at

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