Sea Control 170 – Clausewitz, Corbett, and Corvettes with Sascha Rackwitz

By Jared Samuelson

If you haven’t read Sascha Rackwitz’s (@racki173) article, “Clausewitz, Corbett & Corvettes,” go read it now! Then come back and listen to Sascha sit down with me (@jwsc03) and discuss his perspective on U.S., Chinese, and Russian worldviews, sea control and sea denial in the Baltic, the Commandant’s Planning Guidance, and the importance of navies to deterrence. 

Download Sea Control 170 – Clausewitz, Corbett & Corvettes with Sascha Rackwitz


1. “Clausewitz, Corbett & Corvettes” by Sascha Rackwitz

2. Commandant’s Planning Guidance

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