Sea Control 15IIA: SWO Leather Jackets!

By Jared Samuelson

The Navy is issuing SWOs leather jackets! The Salty Millenial himself, Jimmy Drennan, (@thesaltyherald), joins Jared Samuelson (@jwsc03) to discuss the reaction to the announcement, whether or not SWOs like things, and agree that if the announcement bothers aviators, the jackets are a win! 

Download Sea Control 15IIA: SWO Leather Jackets!

Jared Samuelson is the producer of CIMSEC’s Sea Control podcast. Contact him at

One thought on “Sea Control 15IIA: SWO Leather Jackets!”

  1. Regarding leather jackets… Amazing that the SWO community refuses to change. Always wanting to be something other than they are/were. You would think the professionalism of the organization should certainly provide those items of recognization associated with a professional organization (Shoes, pants, jackets, etc.) – just like the ‘fly-boys”. It has just never happened… why? Until recently, an officer could rise thru the organization to command with out EVER developing the requisite knowledge required to achieve Command. The number of officers I met throughout my career who could neither drive or navigate a ship was unacceptable. The number of “hot-runners” (spell that Admiral’s “favorite”) who crashed an burned was suprising – I relieved two “hot-runners” after she destroyed her ship and he ran the same ship aground. Continued to be surprised at the number of officers who receive a SWO pin, “graduate” from department head school and then crash and burn due to simple collisions or groundings. It will not change until accountability is established and the organization stops “doing-the-right-thing,” because seniors think so…

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