Naval HA/DR Week

By Dmitry Filipoff

This week CIMSEC is running a topic week on Naval Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR). Our audience replied to the call for articles with strong contributions featuring varied and in-depth analyses. Their writings explore the complex and urgent nature of HA/DR missions, the importance of demonstrating goodwill to the international community, and provide recommendations to better perform this key mission. We thank our authors for their contributions. 

Below is a list of articles featuring during the topic week. It will be updated as the topic week rolls out and as prospective authors finalize additional publications.

Other Than War: HA/DR and Geopolitics by Joshua Tallis
Positioning Naval HA/DR in India’s Image Making by Vidya Sagar Reddy
How Lessons from HA/DR Can Prepare Naval Forces for Combat by Greg Smith
Applying Interagency Concepts from Domestic Disaster Response to Foreign HA/DR by Robert C. Rasmussen
Aligning HA/DR Mission Parameters with US Navy Maritime Strategy by CAPT John C. Devlin (ret.) and CDR John J. Devlin
A Proactive Approach to Deploying Naval Assets in Support of HA/DR Missions by Marjorie Greene
Enabling More Effective Naval Integration into Humanitarian Responses by David Polatty
The Challenges of Coming Together in a Crisis by David Broyles
Flattops Of Mercy by LCDR Josh Heivly
The Legacy of the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami On U.S. Maritime Strategy by CDR Andrea H. Cameron

Dmitry Filipoff is CIMSEC’s Director of Online Content. Contact the CIMSEC editorial team at

Featured Image: A U.S. Navy aircrew helps Pakistani soldiers load relief supplies aboard a U.S. Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter during humanitarian relief efforts in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Aug. 21, 2010. The U.S. crew, assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15, is embarked aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu to support the Pakistan government in flooded regions of Pakistan. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Capt. Paul Duncan.

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