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Elected Officers:

President: Andrew Poulin

Vice President: Travis Nicks

Director of Outreach: Andrew Walker

Director of Online Content: Dmitry Filipoff

Director of Membership: Michael Madrid

Treasurer: Jeff Betz

Secretary: Ashley O’Keefe

Volunteer Officer and Intern Positions:

Associate Editors:
Sally DeBoer
Daniel Stefanus

Alan Cummings
Ashley O’Keefe
Neil Patel
Sean Doherty
Tim McGeehan
Clarissa Butler
Katie Sudhoff

Director of Member Publicity:

Historian: Raymond Pritchett

Book Review Editor: Sally DeBoer

Senior Producer of Sea Control: Matthew Merighi

Associate Producers of Sea Control:
Ryan Uljua
Valtteri Tamminen

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Scott Cheney-Peters

Board of Directors:
Matthew Merighi, Matthew Hipple, Sean Plankey, Nicholas Andersen, Heather Havens, John “Patsy” Klein, Chris O’Connor, Claude Berube, Chris Rawley, and Roger Misso.

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.

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