Below is our list of officially sanctioned chapters. We strive to give each chapter as much autonomy as possible to fulfill our mission of fostering innovative dialogue on maritime security issues as long as they adhere to basic tenets of respectful discourse. Contact the chapter president to find out details on the next scheduled event or opportunity to meet up with intellectually curious individuals in your area. Don’t see a chapter nearby? Contact our Director of Membership if you’d like to set one up.

Washington DC, John Jordan Klein, 
New York, NY, Ankit Panda,
San Diego, CA, Matt Hipple,
Florida, Steph Umbert, 
Hawaii, Ryan Haag,
Germany, Adam “AJ” Kruppa,
France/New Caledonia, Alix Willemez,
France, Louis Martin-Vezian,
Canada, TBD,
UK, Chris Stockdale, and on Twitter @CIMSEC_UK
Egypt, Elsayed Agrama,
India, Himanil Raina,
Italy, Fr-Ph Durbach,
Singapore, Blake Herzinger,
Korea, Alexander Hynd,
Caribbean Sea, Omar Andujar-Zaiter, and on Twitter @CIMSEC_CaribSea

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.