Announcements and Updates
Invite: CIMSEC DC Chapter Holiday Party by Scott Cheney-Peters
Upcoming Topic Weeks Announcement by Dmitry Filipoff

Movie ReFights Topic Week
Ulysses S. Grant at Endor by Matthew Merighi
Avatar: Shock and Awe-Fully Dumb by Matthew Hipple
Middle Earth was Sauron’s to Lose: He Blew It by Ben Hernandez
Refighting the Battle of Hoth: An Engineer’s Perspective by Angry Staff Officer

Sea Control 102: The North Korea Challenge with Matthew Merighi
Real Time Strategy 3: Star Wars Battlefront with Matthew Hipple
Sea Control 103: CRIC Battle Fleet on MIDRATS with Matthew Hipple
Sea Control 104: Vietnam’s Foreign Policy hosted by Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 105: Christmas, Nukes, and Wu Tang hosted by Matt Hipple, Natalie Sambhi, and Alex Clarke

Interview with Zaheem Wosa: Pakistani Navy Remains Committed to Karachi by Alex Calvo

Members’ Round Up
November Member Round Up by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Saudi Navy Expansion Program by Chuck Hill

The Colombian Navy: South America’s Powerhouse? by W. Alejandro Sanchez
New Wrinkles in Maritime Warfare by Col. Michael W. “Starbaby” Pietrucha
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The Cabbage and the Submarine: Why Fears of Chinese control of the Seas Overstated by Ariel Shapiro

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Can’t Anybody Play this Game? U.S. FON Operations and Law of the Sea by Raul “Pete” Pedrozo and James Kraska
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‘Net Security Provider’ Defined: An Analysis of India’s New Maritime Strategy-2015 by Gurpreet S. Khurana

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Bangladesh and Asia’s Maritime Balance by Paul Pryce

U.S. Vietnam Ties: The China Dimension by Peter Mario
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Series: South China Sea Arbitration: Beijing Puts Forward Her Own Views by Alex Calvo
Part One
Part Two
Part Three (Jan)

Finale (Jan)
Communist China’s Approach to Force: 1962 Lessons for Senkakus? by Alex Calvo

NORDEFCO Cooperation and the Russian Threat by Michael E. Lambert
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Book and Paper Reviews
Breaking the Ice: The U.S. Chairmanship in the Arctic Council by Paul Pryce

General/Misc National Security
Towards a National Cyber Force: “Department of the Air Force – U.S. Cyber Corps” by Don Donegan

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.