Announcements and Updates
Strategic Insights Arctic Special Issue – Call for Papers by Dr. Sebastian Bruns

Americas Topic Week Week
Americas Week Announcement by Chris Rawley
Maritime Coordination and Inter-American Cooperation in the South by Sabrina Evangelista Medeiros
Hacoa Donde Van Las Armadas by Dr. Roberto Pereyra Bordón
What is the Future of Navies? bDr. Roberto Pereyra
Asymmetric Naval Warfare: Next Stage in the South Atlantic Conflict? by Alex Calvo

Sea Control 73 – Iran Ascendant? with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 74: Falklands Series 5 – South Georgia Ops with Alexander Clarke
Sea Control 75 – Surface Fleet Warfare Tactics Instructors with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 76 – Australia’s Iran Intel Deal with Natalie Sambhi

OP-WEST: Open Source Intel in Contested Maritime Spaces with Michael J. Sanchez

Members’ Roundup
Members’ Roundup Part 18 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 19 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
Coast Guard Budget Battles Revisited by Chuck Hill
Maritime Security Cooperation and the Coast Guard by Derek S. Reveron

Japan’s Izumo Helicopter Carrier Commissioned by Tyler Malcolm
China’s Anti-Piracy Flotillas: By the Numbers by Claude Berube
Sanctions and Grey on White: Raising the Stakes in the South China Sea by Alex Calvo

OBANGAME EXPRESS 2015: Two steps forward. One Step Back by Dirk Steffen

Joint Warrior 2015 Infographic by Louis Martin-Vézian

The Importance of U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council by Aaron Richards

Book and Publication Reviews
The Sinking of the Lusitania — One Hundred Years Later by Chris Nelson
Capability and Intent in Developing Strategy by Ian Sundstrom

General/Misc National Security
Can Small AUVs Work at Sea? crossposted from Navaldrones.com
Possum Anti-Boarding System: Filling the Void in Piracy Response crossposted from Naval-technology.com

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.