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The Center for International Maritime Security is a non-partisan think tank incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Maryland. It was formed in 2012 to bring together forward-thinkers from a variety of fields to examine the capabilities, threats, hotspots, and opportunities for security in the maritime domain. Check out the NextWar blog to join the discussion. We encourage a diversity of views and are currently accepting membership applications here.

The opinions and views expressed on this website are those of the authors alone and are presented in their personal capacity. They do not necessarily represent the views of their parent institution U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, any other agency, or any other foreign government.


CIMSEC 2013-14 Officers
Name Position Email
Annie George President president@cimsec.org
Scott Cheney-Peters Chairman Vice President and Director of External Relations director@cimsec.org
Matt Hipple Director of Online Content nextwar@cimsec.org
Michael Rea Director of Social Media social@cimsec.org
Christopher Barber Director of Membership membership@cimsec.org
Bret Perry Treasurer treasurer@cimsec.org
Matthew Carroll Secretary secretary@cimsec.org
Dennis Harbin Asst. Secretary
Michael Junge Director of Publications editor@cimsec.org
Grant Greenwell Director of Operations operations@cimsec.org
Mary Ripley Social Media Advisor mripley@usni.org
Raymond Pritchett CIMSEC Historian galrahn@yahoo.com

NextWar Contributors
Name Organization Topic(s)
LCDR A. J. Kruppa USN Maritime Security; Operational Planning; Future War
Alan Tweedie Maritime Security
LCDR B. J. Armstrong USN Strategic Outlook
Bret Perry Maritime Security; Counter-piracy
CDR Charles Hill USCG (Ret) Capabilities Analysis
LT Chris Peters USN Seamanship
Dr. Daniel O. Spence International Maritime History
CDR David Polatty USNR Maritime Security
Dick Mosier
DisruptiveThinkers.com Innovation
CDR Doyle Hodges USN Strategic Outlook
Drew Hamblen Future War
Felix Seidler Strategic Outlook
George Fleming
Ian Sundstrom King's College Innovation
James Bridger Canada; Piracy
James Drennan
Dr. Joel Abrahamson Future Tech
LT Kurt Albaugh USN Maritime Security
CDR Mark Condeno Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Strategic Outlook
LCDR Mark Munson USN Maritime Security
LTJG Matt Hipple USN Maritime Security
Miguel Silva Strategic Outlook
Mike Junge Seamanship
Navaldrones.com Drones/UAS
Nic di Leonardo
Paul Bragulla Future Tech
Przemek Krajewski Poland; Naval Force Structure
LT Scott Cheney-Peters USNR Asia-Pacific
Simon Williams Future Tech
Susanne Tempelhoff Shabakat Innovation
TheRiskyShift.com Strategic Outlook
MIDN William Thibault USNR
Capt Chris Barber USMCR USMC Issues/Long War/Amphibious

General Members:

  • Alan Syslo, USN
  • Alexi Gvozdev
  • Alix Willemez
  • Amund Lundesgaar, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
  • Andrea George
  • LT Andrew Brown, USN
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Andrew Walker, ACC / Hudson Institute
  • Armando J. Heredia
  • Benjamin Pearlswig
  • Bill Daly, DoN
  • Blake Cooper
  • LT Brett Jasionowski, USN
  • Brett Levanto
  • Brian Kane, GOST
  • Bryan Bittner
  • Bryan McGrath
  • CAPT Christopher Barber, USMCR
  • LT Colleen Praxmarer, USN
  • RADM Daniel R. Bowler, USN (Ret)
  • CDR Dave Polatty, USN
  • David Daris
  • David Forman, USN
  • David Hurden, U.K.
  • Dr. Duncan Redford, Senior Research Fellow-National Museum of the Royal Navy
  • LT Dylan Ross, USN
  • Ed Born
  • Elsayed Elaraby H. H. Agrama, Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Emily Domenech
  • Eric Hahn
  • CDR Ernest Woodward, USN
  • Farooq Tirmozi
  • Frank Luser
  • LCDR Gabriel Soca, Uruguayan Navy
  • CAPT Gerald O’Donnell, USN (Ret)
  • CDR Graham Edmonds, Royal Navy (Ret)
  • LT Grant Greenwell, USN
  • LT H. Vic Allen, USN
  • Holly Levanto
  • J. Qedrowniczek
  • Jackie Rolleri, NOAA
  • LT Jake Bebber, USN
  • James Gajewski
  • LCDR Jay Sego, USN
  • Jennie Dean
  • Jeong Lee
  • John Cella
  • ADM John C. Harvey, USN (Ret)
  • Joseph L. Allen, CEO – 6 Maritime
  • June del Rosario
  • LT Kathryn Dawson, USN
  • Lars H. Bergqvist
  • Lucas F. Schleusener
  • Marc Handelman
  • CAPT Mark Morris, USN
  • Mat Matta
  • Matt Cheetham
  • Matt McLaughlin
  • Matthew C. Tritle, USN
  • McKinsey Muir
  • Michael Clauser
  • Michael Haas
  • CDR Michael Matis, USNR
  • Miguel Silva, Wikistrat Inc.
  • Miha Hribernik
  • Mike Brown
  • Mike Carroll
  • CDR Mike Cummins, USN
  • Nicolas di Leonardo
  • Njoka Ngwang, Cameroon Sailor
  • Padraic McDermott
  • LT Patrick Kiefer, USN
  • LT Paul Knittle, USN
  • Paul Pryce
  • Peter Smith
  • LT Quinn Matt, USN
  • Rachel Nadeau
  • Randy Scudder
  • Richard Mosier
  • LT Robert Tuohy, USN
  • LT Ryan McCabe, USN
  • Sebastian Bruns, Institute for Security Policy (University of Kiel)
  • Sherman Patrick
  • Stew Sharp
  • Susan Lindahl
  • Tom Rooney
  • Tim Steigelman, USNR
  • Dr. Vijay Sakhuja, Research Director (ICWA)
  • W. Bradford Gary
  • Will Spears
  • Zack Howitt
  • Col Phil Ridderhof, USMC
  • LCDR Carleton Brown, USN
  • Louis Bergeron
  • Woody Snyder
  • David Zieroth
  • David Poulnot
  • Nam Ngyuen
  • Neill Conroy
  • Dennis Harbin
  • Michael A Clauser

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