Announcements and Updates
CIMSEC DC Chapter Nov Meetup – 12 NOV by Scott Cheney-Peters
Call for Articles: Russia Resurgent Week by Matt McLaughlin
Call for Articles: Movie Re-Fights by Matt Hipple

Russia Resurgent Topic Week
Russia Resurgent Week Kicks off on CIMSEC by Matt McLaughlin
The Russian Navy: Strategies and Missions of a Force in Transition by Michael Kofman
The New Russian Naval Doctrine by Sean MacCormac
The Development of Russian Naval Capabilities After the Cold War by Patrick Truffer
Shipbuilding Constrains Drive Downsized but Potent Russian Navy by Dmitry Gorenburg
Russian Navy Reads the Art of War by Vidya Sagar Reddy
Cutting Through the Fog: Reflexive Control and Russian STRATCOM in Ukraine by Robert C. Rasmussen
Is Russia’s Maritime Strategy Adrift? by Ben Hernandez
Russia in the Arctic: Aggressive or Cooperative by Laguerre Corentin
Yours, Mine, and Moscow’s: Breaking down Russia’s Latest Arctic Claims by Sally DeBoer
Russia & Soviet Fleets, 25 Years Apart by Louis Martin-Vezian
Russia Resurgent Topic Week: The Conclusion by Matt McLaughlin

Sea Control 99: The Politics of Basing hosted by Matthew Merighi

Sea Control 100: South China Sea Freedom of Navigation hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control 101: Falklands 10-21 Days to Take a Squadron to War hosted by Alex Clarke
Real Time Strategy 2: Halo hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control Thanksgiving Episode hosted by Matt Hipple and Dmitry Filipoff

God and the Great Naval Theorist by Chris Nelson

Members’ Round Up
October Member Round-Up Part Two by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Should the U.S. Navy Help with the Med. Refugee Crisis? by John T. Kuehn

Navies, Narratives, and Canada’s Submarine Fleet by Paul Mitchell
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The U.S. Navy’s Self Imposed Blockade by Noel Williams
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An Update on Narco Submarines and Maritime Law-Enforcement Agencies’ Efforts to Thwart their Operational Effectiveness by Byron Ramirez and Robert Bunker
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Irregular Forces at Sea: “Not Merely Fishermen – Shedding Light on China’s Maritime Militia by Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy

Why the U.S. Navy’s First South China Sea FONOP wasn’t a FONOP by Timothy Choi
Further Militarizing the South China Sea May Undermine Freedom of Navigation by Eric Gomez and Doug Bandow
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China’s Daring Vanguard: Introducing Sanya City’s Maritime Militia by Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy
South China Sea International Arbitration Moves Forward as PAC Rules on Jurisdiction by Alex Calvo
Narratives Today: Claims in the South China Sea by Peter Marino
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He Who Defends Everything Defends Nothing by Alex Calvo
An Embarrassing Fact: The Legal Basis of the PRC East China Sea ADIZ by Chang Ching
South China Sea: FONOPS  Not Enough, Time for Boots on the Ground, Active Neutrality by Alex Calvo

Maritime Security: Fact or Fallacy? The View from Gibraltar by Michael Sanchez
From Russia with Love…To Ceuta by Fernando Betancor
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Book and Paper Reviews
Book Review: American Sea Power and the Obsolescence of Capital Ship Theory by David Roush

General/Misc National Security
Prospects and Pitfalls for National Defence Turning the Liberal Party Election Platform into Policy by Chuck Davies
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Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.