Announcements and Updates
Publication Release: Africa Compendium by Breuk Bass, et al.
See the CFAR Presentations Now! by Scott Cheney- Peters
Our Final Kickstarter / Fundraising Update by Scott Cheney- Peters
Call for Articles – Policy & Analysis Document Reviews by Scott Cheney- Peters

Sea Control 69 – South Pacific with Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 70 – South China Sea Maritime Security with Scott Cheney-Peters and Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 71 – The Thucydides Trap with Matthew Merighi

Members’ Round Up
Members’ Roundup Part 16 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 17 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
Clausewitz and Corbett are Now Too Much by Steve Wills
The New US Maritime Strategy by 
Joshua Tallis
Raid Breaker: Robert Work’s Soft Kill on Hard Costs by Matt Hipple
The Coast Guard’s Role in 21st Century Seapower by David Van Dyk
A Retired Coastie’s Perspective on the Revised Strategy by Chuck Hill
Distributed Lethality: An Update by VADM. Thomas S. Rowden

The Potential for Panshih: Taiwan’s Expanding Maritime Role by Paul Pryce
No Strait for Aircraft Carriers by Michal Thim and Liao Yen-Fan

Can China Rise Peacefully? What Does History Suggest? by Robert “Jake” Bebber
The South Pacific’s Cyclone Pam by Alix Willemez and Louis Martin-Vézian
China’s Maritime Silk Road Gamble by William Yale
Cyclone Pam Forces Infographic Update by Alix Willemez and Louis Martin-Vézian

Middle East and Africa
The Rapid Growth of the Algerian Navy by Paul Pryce
The U.S. Realignment of the Persian Gulf Regional Security Complex by William Allen
Migration Crisis in the Mediterranean: A Contact Group is Needed by Christian Bueger
The Roles of Navies in the Yemeni Conflict by Claude Berube, Stephanie Chenault, Louis M-v, Chris Rawley

General/Misc National Security
Airpower-R-US: The Old, New Way of Doing Business? by John T. Kuehn
March 24, A Very Significant Day For Mariners by Erek Sanchez

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