Announcements and Updates
Invitation: CFAR 2015 – 26 FEB by Scott Cheney-Peters
Innovation Collaboration in Sunny San Diego by Dave Nobles

Sea Control 64 – North Korea, The Interview, and Cyber Warfare with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 65: Distributed Lethality Re-Run with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 66: Unmanned Naval Vessels with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 67 – Japan’s Defense Budget with Matt Hipple

Member Round Up
Members’ Roundup Part 8 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 9 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 10 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 11 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 12 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
Unbreaking Amphibious Ship Readiness by Alpha sub Oscar (AO)
The LCS and SSC Survivability Dilemma by Steve Wills
Another Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier by Ian Sundstrom
Experimenting With Multinational Mothership Ops by Chuck Hill
To Safeguard the Seas by James L. Feldkamp
The LCS Survivability Debate by Chuck Hill

Nauru: A Lesson in Failure by Alix Willimez
Forecast 2015: Maritime Challenges in the Indian Ocean by Vijay Sakhuja
Charting a Closer Course: Obama’s Trip to India by Scott Cheney-Peters
Violent Political Decay in Yemen: An Iranian Challenge of Saudi Regional Superiority by William Allen

Western Hemisphere
The Brazilian Navy: Green Water or Blue? by Paul Pryce

General/Misc National Security
Grail War 2050, Last Stand at Battle Site One by Dave Shunk
Je Suis Charlie by Chris Rawley
Polar Shipping: A 2014 Recap by David Snider
Innovation at the Naval Postgraduate School: JIFX 15-2
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#CARRIERDEBATE: Bearcraft are the Answer by Matt Hipple

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.