Announcements and Updates
Maritime Security Student Writers Week by Chris Rawley
Publication Release: A Special Report on PMSCs by Scott Cheney-Peters, Claude Berube, Tim Steigelman
CFAR 2015 Voting Now Open by Scott Cheney- Peters
#CFAR15 Line-Up Announced by Scott Cheney- Peters
The Thinking Professional v. The Practical Officer by BJ Armstrong

Shakespeare and Strategy Series
Maritime Security and the Arts by Nate Finney
Scotland, Counter-Insurgency, and Sea Control by Scott Cheney-Peters
Stumbling on Peace: The exposition of strategic misstep by Vic Allen
Dunsinane: Shattering the Vase by Claude Berube

Sea Control 68: Falklands Series 4 – Peter Babbington by Alex Clarke

A2AD Since Seventy-Three bMark Munson

Members’ Round Up
Members’ Roundup Part 13: Herd, defend, distract, attack by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 14 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 15 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
LCS Survivability Debate: What the Data Doesn’t Tell Us by Doyle Hodges
Fit to be a Frigate? by Steve Wills
LCS Survivability Debate: By the Numbers by Ken Adams
Deconstructing ‘Survivability’ by Joshua Tallis
Maritime Piracy – A Global Issue by Steel Templin
A Comprehensive Anti-piracy Strategy by Griffin Cannon
LCS Versus the Danish Strawman by Steve Wills
Peeling Back the Layers: A New Concept for Air Defense by Bryan Clark
F-35 Fanboy Makes His Case by Dave Schroeder

Naval Build-Up in the Philippines by Armando J. Heredia
Toward a Harmonious Pacific through China-led, Confucian-based Maritime Law by Heather Bacon-Shone
An ASEAN Maritime Alliance? by Paul Pryce

The Gutting of Ukraine by Norman Friedman

General/Misc National Security
The Importance of Space in Maritime Security by Nolan McEleney
House of Cards: Finding a Winning Political Strategy for the Navy by Alex Smith
The Surprising Doctor Carter by Timothy A. Walton

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.