Alternative Histories Topic Week
President Charles Stewart and the Making of American Naval Power by Claude Berube
President McCormack and the Vietnam War by Ben Lamont
“Looks like a Chilean War”: The Baltimore Incident as  Counterfactual Exercise by Thomas Jamison
To the Shores of Tripoli an Alternate History of the U.S. Navy by Christopher Stevens

Sea Control 96: Host Review with Matt Hipple, Natalie Sambhi, Matthew Merighi, and Alex Clarke
Sea Control 97: Falklands W/Sharkey Ward with Alex Clarke
Sea Control 98: Singapore’s Strategic Outlook with Natalie Sambhi
Real Time Strategy RTS Pilot Episode with Matt Hipple

Member Round Up
September Member Roundup Part Two by Sam Cohen

October Member Roundup Part One by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Egypt’s Acquisition of the Mistral Amphibious Assault Ship: An Operational Analysis by Ben Ho Wan Bang
Canada’s Naval Fuel Crisis by Ken Hansen
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The Nine Ironies of the South China Sea Mess by James Kraska 

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A Bill Too Far? Japan’s Security Legislation and East Asian Security Dynamics by Justin Chock
Examining the Flaws of the South China Sea Code of Conduct by Ching Chang
AUSINDEX 2015: Australia Pivots to the Indian Ocean by Gurpreet Singh Khurana
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The Other Deep Water Battleground by Peter Marino
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A Few Notes on FONOPs in the South China Sea by Scott Cheney-Peters
Vietnam is Changing…and so is the Balance of Power in Asia by Carl Thayer 
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Western Hemisphere
Determining Success: Tradewinds 2015 and Lessons Learned by W. Alejandro Sanchez

General/Misc National Security
Protraction: A 21st Century Flavor of Deterrence by Octavian Manea and Jim Thomas
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A Post-It Rebel Goes to Sea by Anne Gibbon

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.