SC Episode 5: Africa

We speak to James Bridger, author of a menagerie of CIMSEC Articles on Africa and an Africa/Middle East Asymmetric maritime security analyst for Delex. Episode 5, our revisit of African security issues (DOWNLOAD)  after African Navies week: African Navies Week: Al Shabaab Is Only the Beginning Searching for a Somali Coastguard East Africa: More Than … Continue reading SC Episode 5: Africa

SC Episode 4: DEF Jam Midrats Tour

From the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum in Chicago, I speak to Eagle One and Commander Salamander on their Midrats podcast. We talk about sea swap, small ship leadership, how much I love USNI and Zumwalt, and actually mention quite a bit of game theory. It’s not exactly our typical fair of maritime policy… but seriously, I … Continue reading SC Episode 4: DEF Jam Midrats Tour

Nigeria’s Navy: Setting Sail in Stormy Seas

Zephyr In the din of East African security issues, the navy of Africa’s most populous nation has fallen out of the international eye. With continued pressure on diversified procurement, increasing capability, and new international cooperation, Nigeria’s Navy is slowly growing to fill a void dominated by piracy, petroleum smuggling, and other criminal elements that is … Continue reading Nigeria’s Navy: Setting Sail in Stormy Seas