Announcements and Updates
Invitation: CFAR 2015 – 26 FEB by Scott Cheney-Peters
Innovation Collaboration in Sunny San Diego by Dave Nobles

Sea Control 64 – North Korea, The Interview, and Cyber Warfare hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control 65: Distributed Lethality Re-Run hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control 66: Unmanned Naval Vessels hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control 67 – Japan’s Defense Budget hosted by Matt Hipple

Members’ Round Up
Members’ Roundup Part 8 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 9 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 10 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 11 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 12 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
Unbreaking Amphibious Ship Readiness by Alpha sub Oscar (AO)
The LCS and SSC Survivability Dilemma by Steve Wills
Another Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier by Ian Sundstrom
Experimenting With Multinational Mothership Ops by Chuck Hill
To Safeguard the Seas by James L. Feldkamp
The LCS Survivability Debate by Chuck Hill

Nauru: A Lesson in Failure by Alix Willimez
Forecast 2015: Maritime Challenges in the Indian Ocean by Vijay Sakhuja
Charting a Closer Course: Obama’s Trip to India by Scott Cheney-Peters
Violent Political Decay in Yemen: An Iranian Challenge of Saudi Regional Superiority by William Allen

Western Hemisphere
The Brazilian Navy: Green Water or Blue? by Paul Pryce

General National Security
Grail War 2050, Last Stand at Battle Site One by Dave Shunk
Je Suis Charlie by Chris Rawley
Polar Shipping: A 2014 Recap by David Snider
Innovation at the Naval Postgraduate School: JIFX 15-2
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#CARRIERDEBATE: Bearcraft are the Answer by Matt Hipple


Announcements and Updates
Maritime Security Student Writers Week by Chris Rawley
Publication Release: A Special Report on PMSCs by Scott Cheney-Peters, Claude Berube, Tim Steigelman
CFAR 2015 Voting Now Open by Scott Cheney- Peters
#CFAR15 Line-Up Announced by Scott Cheney- Peters
The Thinking Professional v. The Practical Officer by BJ Armstrong

Shakespeare and Strategy Series
Maritime Security and the Arts by Nate Finney
Scotland, Counter-Insurgency, and Sea Control by Scott Cheney-Peters
Stumbling on Peace: The exposition of strategic misstep by Vic Allen
Dunsinane: Shattering the Vase by Claude Berube

Sea Control 68: Falklands Series 4 – Peter Babbington by Alex Clarke

A2AD Since Seventy-Three bMark Munson

Member Round Up
Members’ Roundup Part 13: Herd, defend, distract, attack by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 14 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 15 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
LCS Survivability Debate: What the Data Doesn’t Tell Us by Doyle Hodges
Fit to be a Frigate? by Steve Wills
LCS Survivability Debate: By the Numbers by Ken Adams
Deconstructing ‘Survivability’ by Joshua Tallis
Maritime Piracy – A Global Issue by Steel Templin
A Comprehensive Anti-piracy Strategy by Griffin Cannon
LCS Versus the Danish Strawman by Steve Wills
Peeling Back the Layers: A New Concept for Air Defense by Bryan Clark
F-35 Fanboy Makes His Case by Dave Schroeder

Naval Build-Up in the Philippines by Armando J. Heredia
Toward a Harmonious Pacific through China-led, Confucian-based Maritime Law by Heather Bacon-Shone
An ASEAN Maritime Alliance? by Paul Pryce

The Gutting of Ukraine by Norman Friedman

General National Security
The Importance of Space in Maritime Security by Nolan McEleney
House of Cards: Finding a Winning Political Strategy for the Navy by Alex Smith
The Surprising Doctor Carter by Timothy A. Walton


Publication Release: Africa Compendium by Breuk Bass, et al.
See the CFAR Presentations Now! by Scott Cheney- Peters
Our Final Kickstarter / Fundraising Update by Scott Cheney- Peters
CALL FOR ARTICLES – Policy & Analysis Document Reviews by Scott Cheney- Peters

Sea Control 69 – South Pacific hosted by Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 70 – South China Sea Maritime Security hosted by Scott Cheney-Peters and Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 71 – The Thucydides Trap hosted by Matthew Merighi

Members’ Round Up
Members’ Roundup Part 16 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 17 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
Clausewitz and Corbett are Now Too Much by Steve Wills
The New US Maritime Strategy by 
Joshua Tallis
Raid Breaker: Robert Work’s Soft Kill on Hard Costs by Matt Hipple
The Coast Guard’s Role in 21st Century Seapower by David Van Dyk
A Retired Coastie’s Perspective on the Revised Strategy by Chuck Hill
Distributed Lethality: An Update by VADM. Thomas S. Rowden

The Potential for Panshih: Taiwan’s Expanding Maritime Role by Paul Pryce
No Strait for Aircraft Carriers by Michal Thim and Liao Yen-Fan

Can China Rise Peacefully? What Does History Suggest? by Robert “Jake” Bebber
The South Pacific’s Cyclone Pam by Alix Willemez and Louis Martin-Vézian
China’s Maritime Silk Road Gamble by William Yale
Cyclone Pam Forces Infographic Update by Alix Willemez and Louis Martin-Vézian

Middle East and Africa
The Rapid Growth of the Algerian Navy by Paul Pryce
The U.S. Realignment of the Persian Gulf Regional Security Complex by William Allen
Migration Crisis in the Mediterranean: A Contact Group is Needed by Christian Bueger
The Roles of Navies in the Yemeni Conflict by Claude Berube, Stephanie Chenault, Louis M-v, Chris Rawley

General National Security
Airpower-R-US: The Old, New Way of Doing Business? by John T. Kuehn
March 24, A Very Significant Day For Mariners by Erek Sanchez


Announcements and Updates
Strategic Insights Arctic Special Issue – Call for Papers by Dr. Sebastian Bruns

Americas Topic Week Week
Americas Week Announcement by Chris Rawley
Maritime Coordination and Inter-American Cooperation in the South by Sabrina Evangelista Medeiros
Hacoa Donde Van Las Armadas by Dr. Roberto Pereyra Bordón
What is the Future of Navies? bDr. Roberto Pereyra
Asymmetric Naval Warfare: Next Stage in the South Atlantic Conflict? by Alex Calvo

Sea Control 73 – Iran Ascendant? with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 74: Falklands Series 5 – South Georgia Ops with Alexander Clarke
Sea Control 75 – Surface Fleet Warfare Tactics Instructors with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 76 – Australia’s Iran Intel Deal with Natalie Sambhi

OP-WEST: Open Source Intel in Contested Maritime Spaces with Michael J. Sanchez

Members’ Roundup
Members’ Roundup Part 18 by Nam Nguyen
Members’ Roundup Part 19 by Nam Nguyen

Naval Affairs
Coast Guard Budget Battles Revisited by Chuck Hill
Maritime Security Cooperation and the Coast Guard by Derek S. Reveron

Japan’s Izumo Helicopter Carrier Commissioned by Tyler Malcolm
China’s Anti-Piracy Flotillas: By the Numbers by Claude Berube
Sanctions and Grey on White: Raising the Stakes in the South China Sea by Alex Calvo

OBANGAME EXPRESS 2015: Two steps forward. One Step Back by Dirk Steffen

Joint Warrior 2015 Infographic by Louis Martin-Vézian

The Importance of U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council by Aaron Richards

The Sinking of the Lusitania — One Hundred Years Later by Chris Nelson
Capability and Intent in Developing Strategy by Ian Sundstrom

General National Security
Can Small AUVs Work at Sea? crossposted from Navaldrones.com
Possum Anti-Boarding System: Filling the Void in Piracy Response crossposted from Naval-technology.com


Call for Articles: Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Week, June 1-5 by Sally DeBoer
CIMSEC’s 2015 Elections – Join the Team by Scott Cheney-Peters
CIMSEC 2015 Elections Nominations Now Open by Scott Cheney-Peters
CIMSEC DC Memorial Day Meet-Up: May 25th by Scott Cheney-Peters

Sea Control 77 – Vietnam with CAPT Swartz with Matt Hipple
Sea Control 78 – US China Strategic Competition and New Voices with Evan Laksmana  and Andrew Kwon

Naval Affairs
Infographic: The US Navy Naval Air Arm by Martin Vezian

From Words to Action in the South China Sea – Updated 5/22 by Scott Cheney-Peters
The Royal Thai Navy: Where to Post-Coup? by Paul Pryce

Russia’s Supersonic Tu-160 Bomber Is Back: Should America Worry? by Dr. Tom Nichols
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The “Cooperative Strategy” (CS-21/CS-21R): A View from Germany by Dr. Sebastian Bruns

Navy Introduces Innovation Qualification Pin by Matt Hipple

Book and Paper Reviews
John Quincy Adams — The Grand Strategist by Christopher Nelson
The Men Who Shaped A World: Author and Journalist Stephen Kinzer on John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles by Christopher Nelson
China’s Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities by Dmitry Filipoff
Death From Above by Christopher Nelson

General National Security
Opinion: It’s Time for the U.S. to take the Lead on ASAT Legislation by Sally DeBoer

June (WIP)

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August (WIP)

September (WIP)


Alternative Histories Topic Week
President Charles Stewart and the Making of American Naval Power by Claude Berube
President McCormack and the Vietnam War by Ben Lamont
“Looks like a Chilean War”: The Baltimore Incident as  Counterfactual Exercise by Thomas Jamison
To the Shores of Tripoli an Alternate History of the U.S. Navy by Christopher Stevens

Sea Control 96: Host Review with Matt Hipple, Natalie Sambhi, Matthew Merighi, and Alex Clarke
Sea Control 97: Falklands W/Sharkey Ward hosted by Alex Clarke
Sea Control 98: Singapore’s Strategic Outlook hosted by Natalie Sambhi
Real Time Strategy RTS Pilot Episode hosted by Matt Hipple

Member Round Up
September Member Roundup Part Two by Sam Cohen

October Member Roundup Part One by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Egypt’s Acquisition of the Mistral Amphibious Assault Ship: An Operational Analysis by Ben Ho Wan Bang
Canada’s Naval Fuel Crisis by Ken Hansen
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The Nine Ironies of the South China Sea Mess by James Kraska 

crossposted from The Diplomat
A Bill Too Far? Japan’s Security Legislation and East Asian Security Dynamics by Justin Chock
Examining the Flaws of the South China Sea Code of Conduct by Ching Chang
AUSINDEX 2015: Australia Pivots to the Indian Ocean by Gurpreet Singh Khurana
crossposted from the National Maritime Foundation
The Other Deep Water Battleground by Peter Marino
crossposted from Reuters
A Few Notes on FONOPs in the South China Sea by Scott Cheney-Peters
Vietnam is Changing…and so is the Balance of Power in Asia by Carl Thayer 
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Western Hemisphere
Determining Success: Tradewinds 2015 and Lessons Learned by W. Alejandro Sanchez

Protraction: A 21st Century Flavor of Deterrence by Octavian Manea and Jim Thomas
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A Post-It Rebel Goes to Sea by Anne Gibbon


CIMSEC DC Chapter Nov Meetup – 12 NOV by Scott Cheney-Peters
Call for Articles: Russia Resurgent Week by Matt McLaughlin
Call for Articles: Movie Re-Fights by Matt Hipple

Russia Resurgent Topic Week
Russia Resurgent Week Kicks off on CIMSEC by Matt McLaughlin
The Russian Navy: Strategies and Missions of a Force in Transition by Michael Kofman
The New Russian Naval Doctrine by Sean MacCormac
The Development of Russian Naval Capabilities After the Cold War by Patrick Truffer
Shipbuilding Constrains Drive Downsized but Potent Russian Navy by Dmitry Gorenburg
Russian Navy Reads the Art of War by Vidya Sagar Reddy
Cutting Through the Fog: Reflexive Control and Russian STRATCOM in Ukraine by Robert C. Rasmussen
Is Russia’s Maritime Strategy Adrift? by Ben Hernandez
Russia in the Arctic: Aggressive or Cooperative by Laguerre Corentin
Yours, Mine, and Moscow’s: Breaking down Russia’s Latest Arctic Claims by Sally DeBoer
Russia & Soviet Fleets, 25 Years Apart by Louis Martin-Vezian
Russia Resurgent Topic Week: The Conclusion by Matt McLaughlin

Sea Control 99: The Politics of Basing hosted by Matthew Merighi

Sea Control 100: South China Sea Freedom of Navigation hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control 101: Falklands 10-21 Days to Take a Squadron to War hosted by Alex Clarke
Real Time Strategy 2: Halo hosted by Matt Hipple
Sea Control Thanksgiving Episode hosted by Matt Hipple and Dmitry Filipoff

God and the Great Naval Theorist by Chris Nelson

Members’ Round Up
October Member Round-Up Part Two by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Should the U.S. Navy Help with the Med. Refugee Crisis? by John T. Kuehn

Navies, Narratives, and Canada’s Submarine Fleet by Paul Mitchell
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The U.S. Navy’s Self Imposed Blockade by Noel Williams
crossposted from War On The Rocks
An Update on Narco Submarines and Maritime Law-Enforcement Agencies’ Efforts to Thwart their Operational Effectiveness by Byron Ramirez and Robert Bunker
crossposted from Small Wars Journal

Irregular Forces at Sea: “Not Merely Fishermen – Shedding Light on China’s Maritime Militia by Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy

Why the U.S. Navy’s First South China Sea FONOP wasn’t a FONOP by Timothy Choi
Further Militarizing the South China Sea May Undermine Freedom of Navigation by Eric Gomez and Doug Bandow
crossposted from The Diplomat
China’s Daring Vanguard: Introducing Sanya City’s Maritime Militia by Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy
South China Sea International Arbitration Moves Forward as PAC Rules on Jurisdiction by Alex Calvo
Narratives Today: Claims in the South China Sea by Peter Marino
crossposted from Globalogues
He Who Defends Everything Defends Nothing by Alex Calvo
An Embarrassing Fact: The Legal Basis of the PRC East China Sea ADIZ by Chang Ching
South China Sea: FONOPS  Not Enough, Time for Boots on the Ground, Active Neutrality by Alex Calvo

Maritime Security: Fact or Fallacy? The View from Gibraltar by Michael Sanchez
From Russia with Love…To Ceuta by Fernando Betancor
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Book and Paper Reviews
Book Review: American Sea Power and the Obsolescence of Capital Ship Theory by David Roush

General National Security
Prospects and Pitfalls for National Defence Turning the Liberal Party Election Platform into Policy by Chuck Davies
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Invite: CIMSEC DC Chapter Holiday Party by Scott Cheney-Peters
Upcoming Topic Weeks Announcement by Dmitry Filipoff

Movie Re-Fights Topic Week
Ulysses S. Grant at Endor by Matthew Merighi
Avatar: Shock and Awe-Fully Dumb by Matthew Hipple
Middle Earth was Sauron’s to Lose: He Blew It by Ben Hernandez
Refighting the Battle of Hoth: An Engineer’s Perspective by Angry Staff Officer

Sea Control 102: The North Korea Challenge with Matthew Merighi
Real Time Strategy 3: Star Wars Battlefront hosted by Matthew Hipple
Sea Control 103: CRIC Battle Fleet on MIDRATS hosted by  Matthew Hipple
Sea Control 104: Vietnam’s Foreign Policy hosted by Natalie Sambhi
Sea Control 105: Christmas, Nukes, and Wu Tang hosted by Matt Hipple, Natalie Sambhi, and Alex Clarke

Interview with Zaheem Wosa: Pakistani Navy Remains Committed to Karachi by Alex Calvo

Members’ Round Up
November Member Round Up by Sam Cohen

Naval Affairs
Saudi Navy Expansion Program by Chuck Hill

The Colombian Navy: South America’s Powerhouse? By W. Alejandro Sanchez
New Wrinkles in Maritime Warfare by Col. Michael W. “Starbaby” Pietrucha
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The Cabbage and the Submarine: Why Fears of Chinese control of the Seas Overstated by Ariel Shapiro

crossposted from Conference for Defense Associations Institute

Can’t Anybody Play this Game? U.S. FON Operations and Law of the Sea by Raul “Pete” Pedrozo and James Kraska
crossposted from Lawfare
‘Net Security Provider’ Defined: An Analysis of India’s New Maritime Strategy-2015 by Gurpreet Khurana

crossposted from the National Maritime Foundation
Bangladesh and Asia’s Maritime Balance by Paul Pryce

U.S. Vietnam Ties: The China Dimension by Peter Mario
crossposted from Globalogues 
Series: South China Sea Arbitration: Beijing Puts Forward Her Own Views by Alex Calvo
Part One
Part Two
Part Three (Jan)

Finale (Jan)
Communist China’s Approach to Force: 1962 Lessons for Senkakus? by Alex Calvo

NORDEFCO Cooperation and the Russian Threat by Michael E. Lambert
crossposted from the Conference for Defense Associations Institute

Book and Paper Reviews
Breaking the Ice: The U.S. Chairmanship in the Arctic Council by Paul Pryce

Towards a National Cyber Force: “Department of the Air Force – U.S. Cyber Corps” by Don Donegan

Fostering the Discussion on Securing the Seas.