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Sea Control 81 – Third Offset and Human Offset

seacontrol2ADM John Harvey, USN (ret), joins us to discuss the Third Offset and the “Human Offset.” Third Offset is Defense Undersecretary Robert Work’s strategy to embraces the US technological advantage, pushing the throttle to the max through a suite of development efforts. However, ADM Harvey worries that this technological emphasis will pull attention from other foundational areas – like talent management and development – as well as what he sees as a dedication of our resources into dominance less-achievable in our globalized civilian-led tech economy.

DOWNLOAD: Third Offset and Human Offset

Sea Control 80 – Shangri-La Dialogue and SE Asia Security

seacontrol2In this week’s Sea Control: Asia Pacific, Natalie Sambhi brings you essential updates from Southeast Asia, beginning with Bloomberg’s Indonesia correspondent Chris Brummitt on the Shangri-La Dialogue’s highlights and his interview with the Indonesian Defence Minister. Next is Andrew Carr from the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University on what to expect from this year’s Asia-Pacific Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lastly, special guest Herizal Hazri from the Asia Foundation gives a regional perspective on the recent Rohingya asylum seeker crisis, Malaysian politics and the future for ASEAN.

Download: Shangri-la Dialogue and SE Asian Security

Sea Control 77 – Vietnam with CAPT Swartz

seacontrol2CAPT Peter Swartz (Ret.) is well known in circles of strategy and navy policy… but today he brings us a story more personal than policy. We interview him on his time in Vietnam, from field operations to staff work in Saigon, how he met his wife in-country, working for ADM Zumwalt, and how is family was evacuated from Vietnam after the 1975 fall.

DOWNLOAD: Vietnam with CAPT Swartz

Host and Production: Matthew Hipple
Music: Sam LaGrone

Sea Control 71 – The Thucydides Trap

seacontrol2Matthew Merighi, CIMSEC’s Membership Director and Boston Chapter President, interviews Professor Toshi Yoshihara of the U.S. Naval War College about the “Thucydides Trap,” a political science term which predicts inevitable conflict between a rising great power and established great powers. The conversation addresses whether the Trap is truly inevitable, how it relates to the rise of China, and how navies fit into the equation. Professor Yoshihara also delves into the roles of strategic studies in professional military education and about Thucydides’ unique history in the Naval War College.

DOWNLOAD: Sea Control 71 – Thucydides Trap

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Produced by: Matthew Hipple
Hosted by: Matthew Merighi

Audio Editing By: Dmitry Filipoff