Sea Control 180 – Narrow Seas: The Black Sea with Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges (ret.)

Sea Control 179- The Bilgepumps, Part 2

Sea Control 178- Lawfare at Sea with Dr. Jill Goldenziel

Sea Control 177- NATO Amphibious Leaders Expeditionary Symposium

Sea Control 176- Down South in the Falklands with Rear Admiral (Ret.) Dr. Chris Parry, CBE

Sea Control 175- The Bilgepumps

Sea Control 174-Operation Megaphone

Sea Control 173-German Civ-Mil Relations with Sascha Stoltenow and Hieke Brueggemann

Sea Control 172-Mexican Maritime Challenges with Christian Ehrlich

Sea Control 171-Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay with Dr. Jamie Goodall

Sea Control 170-Clausewitz, Corbett, and Corvettes with Sascha Rackwitz

Sea Control 169-Larry Bond and Sebastian Bruns on Harpoon, Red Storm Rising, and Tom Clancy

Sea Control 168-Operation Albion with Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson and Tim Powledge

Sea Control 167-Indonesia’s Maritime Security Challenges

Sea Control 166-Georgetown’s Wargaming Program with Sebastian Bae

Sea Control 165-Canadian Fleet Recapitalization with Tim Choi

Sea Control 164-Defender 2020 with Dr. Sal Mercogliano and Johannes Peters

Sea Control 163-Japanese-US Maritime Intersections in the 1860s with Dr. Nyri Bakkalian

Sea Control 162-Redesigning the Marine Corps with Jon Frerichs and Mark Nostro

Sea Control 161-Fatigue is the Navy’s Black Lung Disease with Dr. John Cordle

Sea Control 160-Exercise Sea Dragon with Von Lambert and Tyler Quinn

Sea Control 159-All Things Merchant Marine with Dr. Sal Mercogliano

Sea Control 158-COVID 19’s Impact on International Maritime Industry with Dr. Sal Mercogliano

Sea Control 157-Next Stand the Tin Can Sailors with Roy Draa

Sea Control 156-Sink the Montana! Parts 1 & 2

Sea Control 155-Humanity at Sea and Naval Responses with Dr. John Sherwood

Sea Control 154-Capt Bill Shafley on New Forms of Naval Planning

Sea Control 153-USS Constitution with Angry Staff Officer and Dr. Claude Berube

Sea Control 152-Bryan McGrath and Mitch Mcguffie on Surface Warfare Training

Sea Control 151-Cimsec Fiction Week with Ian Brown

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