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The Eastern Atlantic aspect of our SeaControl Podcast hosted by Alexander Clarke.

Falklands Series 5 (Re-Run) – South Georgia Operations

seacontrol2(Re-Run) This is the story of Christopher Nunn in his own words, the Captain in command of M Company 42 Commando, who was sent to South Georgia  as part of Operation Paraquet – the first stage of the Falklands and the opening salvo and statement of intent that would set the stage for all that was to come. It was also possibly the most risky operation of the war, as the British forces deployed were completely self-dependent with no possibility of support.

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Host: Alexander Clarke
Editing: Matthew Hipple
Music: Britain!

Falklands Series 4 – (Re-Run) Mount Kent and Mount Harriet

seacontrol2(Re-Run) Alex Clarke interviews Peter Babbington, former commander of K Company in 42 Commando during the Falklands War. His unit was the first in the assault at Mount Kent and was the assaulting company for the Mount Harriet operation.

Falklands Series 4 – M
ount Kent and Mount Harriet

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Falklands Series 3 – (Re-Run) 42 Commando

seacontrol2Alex Clarke interviews Major General (ret) Nick Vaux, Royal Marines who, in 1982, was a Colonel and the Commanding Officer of 42 Commando. He is the author of two books:
Take That Hill
March to the South Atlantic

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Falklands Series 2 – (Re-Run) Parachute Regiment

seacontrol2(Re-run) Alex Clarke’s Phoenix Think Tank panel on the Parachute regiment in the Falklands war as part of our Falklands series. He is joined by:

1. Retired Lieutenant-General Sir Hew William Royston Pike KCB DSO MBE, who was Commanding Officer of 3PARA during the Falklands War. Author of “From the Front Lines.

2.Maj. Philip Neame, whose exploits are mentioned in “Above All Courage” by Max Arthur.

DOWNLOAD: Falklands Series 2 – Parachute Regiment

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