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5 October – 10 2015 Events of Interest

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This is a roundup of maritime security and national security events by  that our readers and members might find interesting. Inclusion does not equal endorsement, all descriptions are the events’ own. Think of one we should inclcalendarude?  Email Emil at


Upcoming CIMSEC Events

CIMSEC is co-sponsoring the Athena East naval innovation competition on 02 Oct. in Norfolk.


5 October- 10 2015 Events of Interest

5 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – Heritage Foundation – Innovation and the Defense Industrial Base”

5 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – GWU – “Sino-U.S. Colloquium VIII: Beyond the Current Distrust” (ft. CIMSECian William Yale)

5-9 Oct 2015 – Santiago, Chile – AMS and Universidad de Chile – “11th ICSHMO”

6 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – AEI- To Rebuild America’s Military: Sen. Tom Cotton” 

6-9 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – NDU – “2015 TIDES Technology Demo: Building Resilience: Preparing for Natural and Man-Made Disasters”

8 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – Hudson Institute – “Sharpening the Spear: Report Release on the Future of the Aircraft Carrier”

10 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – Navy Yard – “Display Ship Barry Departure Ceremony”

10-11 Oct 2015 – Philadelphia, PA – Temple – “U.S. Bases and the Construction of Hegemony”



Long-range Events

14 Oct 2015 – Annapolis, MD – USNI – “Naval History Conference 2015: Marine Corps Actions Shaping History” 

14-16 Oct 2015 – Lisbon, Portugal – Portuguese Naval Academy (Escola Naval)- “The Navy and the Great War-Politics and Naval Power” (Paper Proposals Due 28 Aug)

15-16 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – NDU – “Violent Skies: The Air War over Vietnam”

20 Oct 2015 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Council – “Niall Ferguson on the Life of Henry Kissinger”

20 Oct 2015 – Washington, DC – CATO – Perilous Partners: The Benefits and Pitfalls of America’s Alliances with Authoritarian Regimes

21-22 Oct 2015 – Falls Church, VA – Naval Submarine League – Annual Symposium”

22-24 Oct 2015 – Laurel, Maryland – JHU/APL – Cryptologic History Symposium

26-27 Oct 2015 – San Francisco – Designing New Approaches to Maritime Security in the Asia Pacific

28-29 Oct 2015 – Joint Base Andrews, Maryland – DHS/S&T – “9th Annual SMA Conference”

29 Oct 2015 – Berlin, Germany – The European Defence Agency and EuroDefense (Deutschland)- “Unmanned Maritime Systems – A Key Enabling Technology for the 21st Century Navy

29 Oct 2015 – London, UK – RUSI- “International Military Influence Conference 2015: Opportunities too Good to Miss?

2-7 Nov 2015 – Lomé, Togo – AU – “AU Regional Conference: Maritime Security and Development in Africa”

6-8 Nov 2015 – Chicago, IL – The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum – “DEF 2015”

11-12 Nov 2015 – London, UK – ACI – “7th Artic Shipping Summit 2015”

12 Nov 2015 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Council – “Winter is Coming: Garry Kasparov on Putin’s Grand Strategy”

23-24 Nov 2015 – Cape Town, South Africa – Maritime Africa – “Maritime Africa” (ft. CIMSECian Chris Rawley)

14-17 April 2016 – Ottawa, Canada – “83rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History” (Call for Papers Due 15 Nov 2015)

11-15 May 2016 – Portland, Maine – “NASOH, NAFHA, SHNM 2016 Annual Conference” (Call for Papers Due 1 Feb 2016)

29-30 Jan 2016 – Munich, Germany – “70 Years to the End of the War in Asia” (Call for Papers Due 30 Sep 2015)

25-28 Sep 2016 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – International Sociological Association – “Transformations of the Military Profession” (Call for Papers Due 30 Sep 2015)

CIMSEC content is and always will be free; consider a voluntary monthly donation to offset our operational costs. As always, it is your support and patronage that have allowed us to build this community – and we are incredibly grateful.

OCT 2: Athena East Innovation Competition

CIMSEC content is and always will be free; consider a voluntary monthly donation to offset our operational costs. As always, it is your support and patronage that have allowed us to build this community – and we are incredibly grateful.

If you are in the Hampton Roads area, come join CIMSEC, the Hampton Roads Surface Navy Association, and USNI for a the free-to-attend Oct 2nd Athena East Innovation Competition in Norfolk from 1600-1800 , at the downtown Norfolk restaurant “Work \ Release.”



From new tools, maintenance processes, software, to new concepts in everything from administration to tactics… This event is to display and engage naval Innovation from the ranks of our institution, in and out of uniform.

There are still plenty of tickets for audience members, and we are still taking idea submissions for the 5-6 innovators who will present to the assembled crowd and our “Shark Tank” board of naval leadership. Send Presentation Submissions to

We will have a series of prizes for audience favorites:

1st prize: 1 yr membership to the 757 Makerspace workshop
2nd prize: 6 mo membership to 757 Makerspace
Consolation Prizes: 1 Semester of Improv 101 at the Push Comedy Theater in the Norfolk.

However, the real “so what” (aside from the good company, good food, and good drink) is the opportunity to present your ideas to the folks who can potentially implement it, namely our “Shark Tank” Board.

-CAPT Robert Bodvake – Surface Warfare
-CAPT John Carter – Surface Warfare
-CAPT Sean Heritage – Cyber & Intelligence
-CAPT Jeffrey Sheets – Maintenance & Fabrication
-Professor Jennifer Michaeli: Director of ODU’s Naval Engineering and Marine Systems Inst.
-Brett Vaughn: S&T Advisor to OPNAV N2/N6 and member of TF Innovation Implementation Group

Our board covers ship to shore naval leadership, figures of authority disposed to innovation who are looking to both provide guidance, and find ideas from presenters that are applicable and workable to their organizations. There may well be others in the audience seeking good ideas as well.

Ground Rules: NO “death by PowerPoint” eye-charts or lists – use of PowerPoint is limited solely to pictures to provide a picture of an invention or concept demonstration. Demonstrators are also encouraged to get creative, whatever that might entail. All told, presentations are limited to 5 minutes, with 5 minutes following of questions from the board, and 5 minutes of audience questions.

It’s important to remember: innovation isn’t just fun, it’s a mission requirement. This is a fantastic opportunity to break away from the daily grind – to  grapple with some of the more fun aspects of the maritime profession: looking forward to the possible. Hell, even more than the ideas presented, we can enjoy the discussion had between enthusiastic and different-minded naval professionals over a beer.

Work Release will be offering Happy Hour prices on food and some drinks – so bring your appetite.


Sep 29: CIMSEC DC Chapter Maritime Security Book Swap and Happy Hour

To take advantage of the great creative outpouring of CIMSEC’s DC chapter and *hopefully* the weather, w74d05a541a18fe35e8b88ebff88176e1e’ll be holding our Sept. Happy Hour at the Dacha Beer Garden and encouraging folks to bring their latest work (books, articles, reports, knitting, etc.) to trade, sell, or sign. Don’t have one of your own? Consider bringing an old book of interest to a maritime security crowd. As always, the more the merrier and arrive early if you want to snag a seat. RSVPs encouraged:

When: Tues, Sept 29th: 4:30pm – 8:00pm (arrive any time, but come early for a seat)
Where: Dacha Beer Garden, 1600 7th St NW, Washington, DC (Shaw / U Street Metro)


CIMSEC’s “Pentagon Wars” Screening with Jamie Malanowski

Join our DC chapter on August 12th for its screening of the critically acclaimed film “Pentagon Wars” with teleplay co-author, Jamie Malanowski.


Pentagon Wars is a dark comedy (based on the  similarly named James G. Burton book ) describing the development of the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle. The film stars Kelsey Grammer, Cary Elwes, Viola Davis, and John C. McGinley. The Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) organized this event to foster discussion on defense acquisition reform. Mr. Malanowski will also have his latest work “Commander Will Cushing: Daredevil Hero of the Civil War” on hand.

As CIMSEC’s first ever film screening, this event will be a great opportunity to appreciate all the finer aspects of the defense acquisition process (and to share a few laughs)!

DATE: Wednesday, August 12, 2015
TIME: 5:30 PM; Anticipate film start 6:00pm but late arrivals okay!
VENUE: The Heritage Foundation, 214 Mass Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
RSVP:  RSVPs appreciated but not required (Email