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Events 24 – 30 November 2014 (Update)

This is a roundup of events we think our readers and members might find interesting. Inclusion does not equal endorsement, all descriptions are the events’ own. Think of one we should inclcalendarude? Email me at


Upcoming CIMSEC Events

10 December “HQ 2014 Holiday Party – Washington, DC – Front Page


24 – 30 November 2014 Events of Interest

24 November 2014 – Washington, DC – A Hamilton Society GMU – “War with China: How Would it Be Fought and Could it Be Prevented”

24 November 2014 – Washington, DC – Brookings – “Libya’s Political Transition – The Path Ahead”

24 November 2014 – New York, NY – Carnegie Council – “Strategies for Countering Violent Extremists” 

25 November 2014 – Washington, DC – British Embassy/CNAS – “Climate Security with RADMs Titley and Morisetti”

25 November 2014 – Washington, DC – Brookings – “Iran-P51+1 Nuclear Negotiations: The Road Ahead”

26 November 2014 – London, UK – IISS – “Neither War Nor Peace: Why the Information Revolution Makes ‘Forever Wars’ The New Normal”


27 November 2014 – Perth, Australia – The University of Western Australia – “Exploring China’s ‘Maritime Consciousness:’ Public Opinion on the South and East China Sea Disputes”

27 November 2014 – London, UK – IISS – “Countering ISIS: Assessing International Efforts” 

28 November 2014 – Canberra, Australia – Kokoda Foundation – “Kokoda Next Conference”

28 November 2014 – London, UK – IISS – “Modi’s Foreign Policy: Opportunities and Challenges” 


Long-range Events

01 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Atlantic Council – “Adapting Intelligence for New National Security Challenges”

01 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Brookings – “Putin and Russian Power in the World: The Stalin Legacy”

01 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Heritage – “The Battle for Eastern Ukraine”

01 December 2014 – New York, NY – Carnegie/NYU – “Russia in the Global Context”


02 December 2014 – Washington, DC – George C. Marshall Institute – “Privacy vs. Security: Can There Be a Balance Between Law Enforcement Needs and Commercial Encryption”

02 December 2014 – Washington, DC – New America Foundation – “@War: The Rise of the Internet-War Complex”

02 December 2014 – Washington, DC – NBR – “Strategic Asia 2014-15 Volume Launch”


02 December 2014 – Washington, DC – CSIS – “US Fleet Cyber Command – Countering the Evolving Threat”

02 December 2014 – New York, NY – Carnegie Council – “The Coming Global Disorder: America’s New Isolationism”

02 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Atlantic Council – “Breakthrough or Extension: Implications for US and European Relations with Iran”


03 December 2014 – Washington, DC – FPI – “Foreign Policy Initiative Forum”

04 December 2014 – Washington, DC – USNI – “Defense Forum Washington 2014: What Does the Nation Need from Its Sea Services?”

04 December 2014 – Dallas, TX – A Hamilton Society – “Israel and Gaza: An American Fight?”

04 December 2014 – Washington, DC – New America Foundation – “Warrior Diplomat”

04 December 2014 – Washington, DC – RAND – “The Challenges for Democracies Facing Asymmetric Conflicts” 



05 December 2014 – Washington, DC – CSIS – “Defense Budgeting in an Uncertain Fiscal Environment”

05 December 2014 – Washington, DC – CSIS – “Countering WMD Semi-Annual Workshop”

05 December 2014 – Washington, DC – USIP – “PeaceGame: Peacemaking in an Era of Violent Extremism”

05 December 2014 – Austin, TX – A Hamilton Society – “Russian Nationalism and American Foreign Policy”

07 December 2014 – NYC, NY – ASP – “Pakistan: Aid, Trade, and Security”

08 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Heritage - “B.C. Lee Lecture on U.S. Policy in the Asia-Pacific”

09 December 2014 – Online Webcast – Carnegie Council – “The Rise of ISIS: Implications for U.S. Strategy, Interests, and Values”

10 December – Washington, DC – CIMSEC – “HQ 2014 Holiday Party” –

10 December 2014 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Council WA – “The Coming Global Disorder: America’s New Isolationism”

10 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Georgetown – “Scotland in the World”

10 December 2014 – New York, NY – Foreign Policy Association – “Turkey’s Foreign Policy Challenges in the Middle East” 

10 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Atlantic Council – “Mike Petters, Huntington Ingalls Industries CEO: Playing the Long Game”

10 December 2014 – Santa Monica, CA – RAND – “Lessons from 13 Years of War”

11 December 2014 – Washington, DC – CNAS – “CNAS 2014 Holiday Party”

14 December 2014 – Washington, DC – Georgetown – “Henry VIII and the Development of British Empire”

17 December 2014 – Washington, DC – JHU/APL – “Rethinking Energy and National Security”

17 December 2014 – Washington, DC – AEI – “The Ukranian Revolution 1 year on: Victoria Nuland”

13-15 January 2015 – Washington, DC – SNA – 2015 Surface Navy Association National Symposium”

10-12 February 2015 – San Diego, CA – USNI/AFCEA – “West Conference”

17-18 April 2015 – Portsmouth, UK – National Museum of the Royal Navy – “Statesmen & Seapower”

13-17 May 2015 – Monterey, CA – North American Society for Oceanic History – “Pacific – The Peaceful Ocean?”

29-30 May 2015 – Providence, RI – North American Society for Oceanic History – “50th Anniversary Gaspee Days Maritime History / Maritime Studies Symposium”

10-11 Oct 2015 – Philadelphia, PA – Temple – “U.S. Bases and the Construction of Hegemony”



CIMSEC Holiday Party

restaurant-exteriorJoin our HQ chapter for its informal holiday party/happy hour. We will be meeting at The Front Page on Dupont Circle to share stories and news of the maritime world, meet new friends, and share a drink with old ones.

Time: Wednesday, 10 December 6:00-8:00pm
Place: The Front Page (Take the south exit). Enter through the lobby of the Robert S Strauss Building (1333 19th St. NW) – the entrance to the bar is to the immediate right. We will be in the elevated seating area to the right as you enter.

All are welcome – RSVPs not required, but appreciated:


CIMSEC’s DC Nov Meet-Up

Lola'sJoin our DC chapter for its November DC-area informal meet-up/happy hour. We will be meeting on the top floor of Lola’s Barracks Row Bar and Grill to discuss the events of the day and meet new folk. Vic Allen, our Director of Social Media, will lead a discussion strategic communication, trust, and national security at 6:30pm.

Time: Wednesday, 12 November 6:00-9:00pm
Place: Lola’s Barracks Row Bar and Grill (Top Floor), 711 8th Street SE
Washington D.C. 20003

Read-aheads for those interested:

– “Whither Strategic Communication,” Christopher Paul, RAND
– “The Strategic Communication Imperitive,” Paul Argenti, MIT Sloan

All are welcome – RSVPs not required, but appreciated:


A Hearty Thanks to Our Kickstarter Supporters

ThankYouThis week we concluded our campaign on Kickstarter and we could not be happier, having successfully met our goal and then some. So we want to take a brief pause from writing about drones, pirates, and tanker traffic and thank our readers, our contributors, our promoters, and especially our backers.

Several months ago when we designed this campaign, we were unsure if we would raise enough funds to cover our minimal expenses and legal fees allowing us to file for non-profit status. Yet, within 12 hours of launching, you helped us reach our Kickstarter goal for a campaign set to last nearly a month. In total, over 40 backers helped us raise more than $3000 through Kickstarter and other methods. With this amount, the CIMSEC leadership team is excited to further grow and improve the organization.

With the average donation amounting to $70, this fundraising campaign exemplifies your commitment and passion to CIMSEC’s mission, and there is no way to price the encouragement this level of support and enthusiastic response has given us. Simply put, you are awesome and we aspire to make you proud.

For those who donated, within the next few weeks you will receive a receipt from us in addition to further information regarding the rewards that you selected. Additionally, we are proud to announce that all contributors to this campaign will receive an advanced copy of CIMSEC’s first published compendium, Forgotten Naval Strategists, in recognition of your efforts. If you have any questions regarding the rewards or your contribution, do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Again, on behalf of the CIMSEC leadership team, thank you for your support.


Bret Perry, Treasurer

Scott Cheney-Peters, President & Founder


CIMSEC UK Nov Chapter Meet-Up (8-9 Nov)

StonehouseTwo Events Bookend CIMSEC’s UK Chapter Meet-Up:

Courtesy of the Royal Marines the UK Chapter of CIMSEC is hosting an informal meet-up at Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth on Saturday 8th November. Come and join us to meet some very interesting people, have a tour of the barracks and discuss all things maritime.

The Sergeant’s Mess, where the meeting will be held, has very kindly offered to provide a buffet for the evening for the price of £5 per person. The event is due to start at around 6pm and finish around 10.30 pm.

MemorialWe have also been invited to accompany the Royal Marines for the Remembrance Day Service on the Hoe on Sunday 9th November. This is scheduled to commence at 10.30 am, but due to limited parking it is advised to arrive early. If you are able to join us it would be great to see you and it promises to be a most memorable occasion.

Day 1: Saturday 8th November  (6pm – 10pm)
Informal meet-up at the Stonehouse Royal Marine Barracks (PL1 3QS). (Buffet £5 per person.)

Day 2: Sunday 9th November (10am – onwards)
Attend the Remembrance Day Service at Plymouth Hoe with the Royal Marines. (PL1 2LR)

Dress code: Smart casual would be preferred for both occasions.

Due to space and base security restrictions at Stonehouse RSVP’s are required, so if you would like to come please contact me on preferably no later than November 2nd.

If you have any questions about the event or would like to suggest a future venue please send me an email on the above address.


The U.S. Navy at 239

The Navy is Decatur and Farragut and Mahan and Nimitz.
The Navy is Vahk and Garcia and Nguyen and Smith.
The Navy is Monitor and Enterprise and Nautilus and Cole.
The Navy is Tripoli, Midway, Leyte Gulf, and the Blockade of the South.
The Navy is Arizona and Maine and Vincennes and Pueblo.

USS Arizona on the East River

The Navy is the Quarantine of Cuba.
The Navy is the Great White Fleet.
The Navy is the death of Osama bin Laden.
The Navy is the first strikes on ISIS.
The Navy is counter-piracy operations off the Horn of Africa.

The Navy is a missile shield in Europe.
The Navy is a missile shield in Asia.
The Navy is the most survivable leg of the nuclear triad.
The Navy is disaster relief to Japan, to the Philippines, to Pakistan, to Haiti.

The Navy is fighting in Syria.
The Navy is fighting in Iraq.
The Navy is fighting in Afghanistan.
The Navy is fighting in Somalia.
The Navy is fighting in Libya.

Scott-anacondaThe Navy is capability no one else can deliver, when no one else can deliver it.
The Navy is the first called in a crisis, the nation’s first responder.
The Navy is the most versatile branch of the military, the nation’s Swiss Army Knife.
The Navy is preserving the rule of law at sea in the face of authoritarian decrees.
The Navy is defending the nation’s lifelines and economic vitality.
The Navy is the most important branch of military for meeting the nation’s 21st-century demands.
The Navy is the sons and daughters of all 50 states, all American territories, and the District of Columbia.
The Navy is the nation’s least appreciated military Service.1

The Navy once navigated by the stars.
The Navy now navigates by man-made constellations it helped put in orbit.
The Navy has reinvented its mission, its strategy, and its concepts of operation countless times.
The Navy will need to do so many times again.
The Navy restricts the academic pursuits of its officer corps.2
The Navy is unparalleled in its openness to self-criticism.

US_Navy_061015-N-5334H-179_USS_Fitzgerald_(DDG_62)_Commanding_Officer,_Cmdr._David_Hughes_and_Executive_Officer,_Lt._Cmdr._John_Tolg_hold_up_the_ship's_banner_with_children_and_adults_from_the_Cub_Scouts_Tokyo_GroupThe Navy is filled with some of the most driven, intelligent, and innovative Americans.
The Navy is active, reserve, civilians, and contractors striving to harness their creativity.
The Navy lacks all the tools needed for a 21st-century workforce.

The Navy is at sea, ashore, in the air, under the waves, in space, and in cyberspace.
The Navy is increasing in capability.
The Navy is facing growing requirements.
The Navy is decreasing in capacity.

The Navy would choose no one but the Marine Corps to have its back in a knife fight.

The Navy is a ship named America 3 days old.
The Navy is a ship named Constitution 217 years old.
The Navy is 1775.
The Navy is 2014.
The Navy is 239 today.




Scott Cheney-Peters is a surface warfare officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve and the former editor of Surface Warfare magazine. He is the founder and president of the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC), a graduate of Georgetown University and the U.S. Naval War College, and a member of the Truman National Security Project’s Defense Council.


CIMSEC’s Oct DC Meet-up

lJoin our DC Chapter for its October DC-area informal meet-up/happy hour. We will be meeting at the Hotel Tabard Inn’s Lounge and Bar near the Dupont Circle / Farragut North and West Metro stops to discuss the events of the day (see below) and meet new folk.

Time: Tuesday, 14 October 5:30-9pm
Place: 1739 N Street NW
Washington D.C. 20036

For a starter, many of us will be heading to CSIS, 2 blocks away, for the launch of their Maritime Security Dialogue in partnership with the U.S. Naval Institute

All are welcome – RSVPs not required, but appreciated: