Bilge Pumps Episodes 31 & 32: New Year’s Resolutions for Navies and the Forward Presence Mission

By Alex Clarke

What can be said, Jamie is away. It is the Christmas/Summer holidays in Australia so he has family stuff to do. But don’t worry, Alex and Drach have done their best to still provide a couple of episodes for your delectation! One is on New Year’s Resolutions – for navies, on how they could improve over the next year. The other, it’s on Chinese drones, the new LCS operating, groups, and the presence mission.

#Bilgepumps is still a newish series and new avenue, which may no longer boast the new car smell, in fact decidedly more of pineapple/irn bru smell with a hint of jaffa cake and the faintest whiff of cork. But we’re getting the impression it’s liked, so we’d very much like any comments, topic suggestions or ideas for artwork to be tweeted to us, the #Bilgepump crew (with #Bilgepumps), at Alex (@AC_NavalHistory), Drach (@Drachinifel), and Jamie (@Armouredcarrier). Or you can comment on our Youtube channels (listed down below).

Download Bilge Pumps Episode 31: New Year’s Resolutions 2021

Download Bilge Pumps Episode 32: Geeks Alone Discussing Presence


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2. Drachinifel’s Youtube Channel
3. Jamie Seidel’s Youtube Channel

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